Nine Noir Lives
The Game

Welcome to Meow Meow Furrington.

Capital city of cats, cartels, and crime. A city that will just as soon claw your eyes out as lick your face. Explore the hangouts and high points of this feline furtopia. Discover characters both kooky and dangerous. Solve the mystery of a murder that threatens to spill into the city like an overturned saucer of milk and ignite a war between the powerful Montameeuw and Catulet families...

...and lick things. SO many things. Lick everything! Doors! Furniture! Books! Bars! Trains! Pavements! So many delicious and intriguing things to lick! And definitely solve that murder, too. If there's time. After all the licking.

  • Old school! Enjoy a humorous point-and-lick adventure game in the style of the classics of the genre.
  • Solve an intriguing murder mystery - with cats!
  • Meet tons of crazy characters, each with their own problems to solve.
  • Visit intriguing locations around the city of Meow Meow Furrington.
  • Mind bending puzzles to solve.
  • Lick first - ask questions later. Learn more about the world through the time-honoured approach of licking everything.
Where to purchase

Nine Noir Lives on Steam

Stretch your legs, clean your whiskers, and dive into “Nine Noir Lives”. Enjoy a classic point-and-click adventure game, full of humour, crazy characters, and intriguing locations. Solve challenging puzzles and answer the immortal question: how many things need to be licked to solve a murder in this town?

The evidence
The lineup

Cuddles Nutterbutter

An experienced detective who finally gets his big break: a chance to crack the mystery of the most infamous murder to ever occur in Meow Meow Furrington.

Cuddles Nutterbutter

Discover a wide range of characters, a cast for who the word kooky is synonymous with criminal

Tabby Marshmellow

Tabby is the glue that keeps Cuddles Nutterbutter glued to his cases. She also makes a mean coffee.

Tabby Marshmellow
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